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In my many years in pursuit of the “core of negativity,” I have done about as well as could be expected with limited and no financial resources. YOU AND I TOGETHER, have been able to “translate into a digestible form” relevant information about the program for world control by exposing its agents; the infamous Trilateral Commission, its sister the Council on Foreign Relations, their uncle the Bilderberger Group, their cousins in those secret societies like Skull and Bones, the Black Godfather of Greek societies SIGMA PI PHI, BOULE and the guardian Free Masons.

Every city is now aware of the Circle Within a Circle Rhodes Rothschild Secret Society and how ritualized Blacks assist in protecting the names of those who “own and operate” this country. They stole the government, they prostituted medicine, they corrupted law enforcement, they bastardized education, they monopolized the economy through mergers, takeovers and bankruptcies. They killed our leaders, destroyed our organizations and enslaved our ancestors—all without guilt, Our families are at risk because of their family’s aggression and colonization of our peoples.

We have maintained the standard that in fighting WHITE SUPREMACY, you must NAME THE NAMES.

In every city, at each stop we compelled our people to put their finger on the pulse of crucial issues, and programs that operate against our community. We have built a network of common thinking people who are better prepared to pinpoint pressure centers for change.

How did we find these evil Cabals? Simply, because we were looking for them. We stand alone, for our consistent pressure on NOW INTEL PRO, the present day spy system, by exposing and confronting reachable spies.

Intention plus capability equals threat, pawns linked together, The BOGARD, Check, Will There Be Any Niggers in the Year 2000, Operations Golden Seal and Smelly Pants are acronyms known throughout our neighborhoods.


For once, I would like not to worry about money to cover this journey through the Evil Land of OZ, to pull the curtain on the Wizard. We need $10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 75, 100, 200 or more. A monthly commitment I can count on, to back a Brother up. If you would be so kind as to help me, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to better serve us. More can be accomplished.

We’ve lost some key brothers lately, Kwame Ture, Khallid Abdul Muhammad, Harold Washington, Tupac Shakur, just to name a few. Help me now while I still live., .in the form of Steve Cokely.

Please call me at 202-256-2097 before you mail your contribution or monthly commitment to me.

For your monthly commitment, please state the amount, date of expectation, return address and telephone number of sender. Thank you.

P.S.- Members do have privileges. My telephone number is (202) 256-2097.


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