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Lectures Series One - Secret Societies Revealed!

Boule (In Greek) means "Advisors to the King" Who the hell is the king? They Pledge to keep secret the names of te people chosen to lead society.
So why not name the names?

It's membership roster is secret  BUT We will read their names... Their secret code centers around the Nine Squares of the Kabala. Is this Satanic?

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

They are directly linked to the circle within a circle secret society established by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild ie: Alain Locke - First Black Rhodes Scholar / Howard University Connection

Forbes 400
Richest and the Worlds Billionaires will also be examined.

BOULE - Base Theory on Evil - Florida A&M Univ.
Oath Takers - Confusion on the Battle Field - Long Beach State Univ.
White-Financed Leadership vs. Marcus Garvey - LA
Boule Secret relationships - 1880 to 1940 - Howard Univ.
Born Man/Made Man ... The Making of the Negro - Howard Univ.

These are five various angles in analyzing the significance of

Sigma Pi Phi - Boule

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